This allows almost a universal understanding and administration of a prescriptions. The waitress calls to the cook, "That's two pizza!". s.) - To be taken as a drink. Evacuatio (Evac.) Febris Enterica - Enteric Fever. - Let them be put into a phial. Febris Scorbutica - Scorbutic Fever. E paulo aquae (E paul. 5.4. pil. Cibus - Food, victuals. Mollis, molle - Soft. Mittatur, mittantur (Mittr.) - Rolled in silver leaf. Jentaculum - Breakfast. Crastinus (Crast.) Quater die (QD) - Four times a day. Clarus - Bright, clear. dx.) Fiat pilula (Ft. Ustus - Burnt. v.) - Morning and evening. - Apt ounce and a half. The second says, "I'll have a pizzum as well." Recens - Fresh. Somnus - Sleep. Da, signa (DS) - Give and sign. The answer is "Ave". Dimidius - One half. Venaesectio brachii - Bleeding in the arm. Siccus - Dry. Ulna - The arm, elbow. - On the following day. Jusculum - Soup. Features medical term prefix list along with roots and suffixes. - Mix, and let a mixture be made. a/n-                          no; not; without, -ac                          pertaining to, acetabul/o           acetabulum (hip socket), acr/o                      extremeties; top; extreme point, acromi/o               acromion (extension of shoulder bone), acu/o                     sharp; severe; sudden, agglutin/o            clumping; sticking together, -agon                     to assemble; gather, -agra                      excessive pain, -al                           pertaining to, alges/o                  sensitivity to pain, -algesia                 sensitivity to pain, alveol/o                alveolus; air sac; small sac, ambi-                    around, on both sides, about, amphi-                  around, on both sides, -amine                  nitrogen compound, amni/o                  amnion (ssac surrounding the embryo), -an                          pertaining to, ana-                       up; apart; backward; again; anew, aneurysm/o        aneurysm (widening of blood vessel), ante-                      before; forward, anthr/o                  antrum of the stomach, anxi/o                    uneasy; anxious, aort/o                     aorta (largest artery), aponeur/o            aponeurosis (type of tendon), -ar                           pertaining to, arteriol/o              arteriole (small artery), -arthria                 articulate (speak distinctly), -artresia                closure, occlusion, atreto-                   closed, lacking an opening, -ary                        pertaining to, -assay                    to examine, analyze, astr/o                     star, star-shaped, ather/o                  plaque (fatty substance), -ation                     process; condition, atri/o                      atrium (upper heart chamber), aux/o                     growth, acceleration, bacill/o                  bacilli (bacteria), bar/o                      pressure; weight, bary-                      weight, pressure, bas/o                      base; opposite of acid, -blast                     embryonic; immature cell, -blastoma             immature tumor (cells), brom/o                  bromine-containing compound, odor, burs/o                    bursa (sac of fluid near joints), calcane/o                calcaneus (heel bone), capillar/o                capillary (tiniest blood vessel), capn/o                     carbon dioxide, -capnia                    carbon dioxide, carcin/o                   cancerous; cancer, cari/o                        caries, rottenness, carp/o                      wrist bones (carpals), cathar/o, cathart/o             cleansing, purging, caud/o                     tail; lower part of body, caus/o                      burn; burning, cec/o                         cecum (first part of colon), celi/o                        belly; abdomen, -centesis                 surgical puncture to remove fluid, cerebell/o               cerebellum (posterior part of the brain), cerebr/o                  cerebrum (largest part of the brain), cervic/o                   neck; cervix (neck of uterus), -chezia                    defacation; elimination of wastes, chori/o                     chorion (outermost membrane of the fetus), choroid/o                choroid layer of eye, -chroia                     skin coloration, -cidal                        pertaining to killing, cirrh/o                      orange-yellow, claustr/o                  enclosed space, clavicul/o                clavicle (collar bone), clin/o                        to slope, bend, -clysis                      irragation; washing, coagul/o                  coagulation (clotting), -coccus                    berry-shaped bacterium, coccyg/o                  coccyx (tail bone), cochle/o                  cochlea (inner part of ear), col/o                         colon (large intestine), colon/o                    colon (large intestine), con-                          together; with, conjunctiv/o          conjuctiva (lines of eyelids), consci/o                   awareness, aware, constrict/o              narrowing, binding, contra-                     against; opposite, cortic/o                    cortex, outer region, cras/o                       mixture; temperament, -crine                       to secrete; separate, -crit                           to separtate, critic/o                     crisis, dangerous, cubit/o                     elbow, forearm, cycl/o                       ciliary body of eye; cycle; circle, cyst/o                       urinary bladder; cyst; sac of fluid, -cytosis                    condition of cells; slight increase in numbers, dacryocyst/o        tear sac; lacriman sac, de-                          lack of; down; less; removal of, -desis                     to bind; tie together, dia-                         complete; through, -dilation                widening; stretching; expanding, dilat/o                    to enlarge, expand, dis-                         apart, to separate, dys-                        bad: painful: difficult: abnormal, -eal                         pertaining to, ec-                          out; outside, echo-                     reflected sound, -ectasia                 dilation; dilatation; widening, -ectasis                 dilation; dilatation; widening, ectro/o                   congenital absence, -ectomy                removal; excision; resection, -emia                     blood condition, -emic                     pertaining to blood condition, enanti/o                opposite, opposed, enter/o                  intestines (usually small intestine), eosin/o                  red; rosy; dawn-colored, epi-                        above; upon; on, equi-                      equality, equal, -esis                       action; condition; state of, esthes/o                nervous sensation, eu-                          good; normal, ex-                          out; away from, exo-                        out; away from, -facient                    to cause, make happen, fasci/o                      fascia (membrane supporting muscles), femor/o                   femur (thigh bone), fibros/o                   fibrous connective tissue, -fication                  process of making, fil/i, fil/o                  thread, threadlike, filament/o              thread, threadlike, five                           pent-, penta-, quinque-, follicul/o                 follicle; small sac, fore-                         before, in front, -form                        resembling; in the shape of, four                          quadri, tetra-, fung/i                       fungus; mushroom (organism lacking chlorophyll), furc/o                       forking; branching, -fusion                     to pour; to come together, ganglion/o              ganglion; collection of nerve cell bodies, gel/o                         to freeze, congeal, -gen                          substance that produces, -genesis                  producing; forming, -genic                       produced by or in, ge/o                          earth, soil, gli/o                          glial cells; neuroglial cells, gluc/o                       glucose; sugar, glyc/o                       glucose; sugar, glycogen/o             glycogen; animal starch, glycos/o                   glucose; sugar, -graph                      instrument for recording, -graphy                   process of recording, gyr/o                         circle, spiral, half                           demi, hemi, semi, hapl/o                      simple, single, holo-                         entire, complete, home/o                    sameness; unchanging; constant, hyper-                      above; excessive, hypo-                       deficient; below; under; less than normal, ia                               condition, -iac                            pertaining to, -iasis                        abnormal condition, iatr/o                        physician; treatment, -ic                              pertaining to, -ical                          pertaining to, ide/o                         idea, mental images, idi/o                          unknown; individual; distinct, immun/o                immune; protection; safe, in-                             in; into; not, -in                             a substance, -ine                           a substance, -ine                           pertaining to, infra-                        below; inferior to; beneath, insulin/o                 insulin (pancreatic hormone), intra-                        within; into, ion/o                         ion; to wander, -ior                            pertaining to, ir/o                            iris (colored portion of eye), irid/o                        iris (colored portion of eye), is/o                            same; equal, isch/o                       to hold back; back, ischi/o                      ischium (part of hip bone), -ism                          process; condition, -ist                             specialist, ithy-                          erect, straight, -itis                           inflammation, -ium                         structure; tissue, kel/o                         tumor, fibrous growth, kerat/o                     cornea; hard, horny tissue, kern-                        nucleus (collection of nerve cells in the brain), ket/o                         ketones; acetones, keton/o                    ketones; acetones, koil/o                       hollow, concave, depressed, -labile                      unstable, perishable, lacrim/o                  tear; tear duct; lacrimal duct, lal/o, -lalia              speech, babble, lapar/o                     abdominal wall; abdomen, -lapse                       to slide, fall, sag, laryng/o                  larynx (voice box), leiomy/o                 smooth (visceral) muscle, -lemma                   sheath; covering, lepid/o                     plakes, scales, lept/o                       thin, slender, -leptic                      to seize, take hold of, lex/o                         word; phrase, -lexia                        word; phrase, ligat/o                      binding, tying, lip/o                          fat; lipid, -listhesis                 condition of stones, lith/o                        stone, calculus, -lithotomy              incision (for removal) of a stone, logad/o                    whites of the eyes, -logy                         study (process of), lord/o                       curve; swayback, lox/o                         oblique, slanting, lumb/o                    lower back; loin, ly/o                           to dissolve, loosen, -lysis                        breakdown; separation; destruction; loosening, -lytic      to reduce, destroy, separate; breakdown, mandibul/o           mandible (lower jaw bone), -mania                     obsessive preoccupation, -masesis                 mastication, chewing, mastoid/o               mastoid process (behind the ear), maxill/o                  maxilla (upper jaw bone), meat/o                     meatus (opening), medic/o                   to heal, healing, medull/o                 medulla (inner section); middle; soft, marrow, men/o                      menses; menstruation, mening/o                meninges (membranes covering the spinal cord & brain), meta-                       change; beyond, metacarp/o            metacarpals (hand bones), metatars/o              metatarsals (foot bones), method/o                procedure, technique, metr/o                      uterus (womb); measure, -metry                      process of measuring, mi/o                          smaller; less, -mimesis                imitation, simulation, mucos/o                  mucous membrane (mucosa), mut/a                       genetic change, mutagen/o             causing genetic change, myel/o                     spinal cord; bone marrow, myocardi/o            myocardium (heart muscle), myring/o                 tympanic membrane (eardrum), narc/o                      numbness; stupor; sleep, nect/o                       to bind, tie, connect, neutr/o                    neither; neutral; neutrophil, noci-                         to cause harm, injury or pain, obstetr/o                 pregnancy; birth, -oid                           resembling; derived from, -ole                           little; small, olecran/o                olecranon (elbow), -oma                         tumor; mass; fluid collection, omphal/o                umbilicus (navel), onych/o                   nail (of fingers or toes), -opia                         vision condition, opisth/o                   backward, behind, -opsia                       vision condition, opt/o                         eye; vision, -ose                           full of; pertaining to; sugar, -osis                          condition, usually abnormal, ossicul/o                 ossicle (small bone), -ostosis                    condition of bone, -otia                          ear condition, -ous                          pertaining to, oxy-                          swift; sharpp; acid, -pagus                     conjoined twins, palat/o                     palate (roof of mouth), pali-                          recurrence, repetition, palliat/o                  to soothe, relieve, palpit/o                   flutter, throbbing, papill/o                   nipple-like; optic disc, par-                           other than; abnormal, para-                        near; beside; abnormal; apart from; along the side of, -para                        to bear, bring forth (live births), -parous                    to bear, bring forth, -pareunia               sexual intercourse, -pathy                      disease; emotion, pelv/i                       pelvis; hip region, pelv/o                      pelvis; hip region, peri-                         surrounding, per/o                        deformed, maimed, perspir/o                 breathe through, petr/o                       stone, petrous region of temporal bone, -pexy                        fixation; to put in place, -phagia                    eating; swallowing, phalang/o               phalanges (of fingers and toes), phaner/o                 visible, apparent, phil/o                       like; love; attraction to, -phil                         attraction for, -philia                      attraction for, -phoresis                carrying; transmission, -phoria                    to bear, carry; feeling (mental state), phren/o                   diaphragm; mind, phyl/o                      race, species, type, physi/o                    nature; function, physic/o                  physical, natural, pituitar/o                pituitary gland, plan/o                      flat, level, wandering, plant/o                     sole of the foot, plas/o                       development; formation, -plasia                     development; formation, -plasm                     formation; structure, -plastic                    pertaining to formation, -plasty                     surgical repair, -plegia                     paralysis; palsy, -plegic                     paralysis; palsy, plex/o                      plexus; network (of nerves), -poietin                   substance that forms, poikil/o                   varied; irregular, polio-                       gray matter (of brain or spinal cord), polyp/o                    polyp; small growth, pont/o                      pons ( a part of the brain), por/o, -pore            opening, passageway, -porosis                   condition of pores (spaces), posit/o                     arrangement, place, post-                         after; behind, poster/o                   back (of body); behind, pre-                           before; in front of, pro-                           before; forward, proct/o                     anus and rectum, pros-                         before; forward, pros/o                      forward, anterior, psamm/o                sand, sand-like material, -pterygium             abnormality of the conjunctiva, -ptosis                      droop; sag; prolapse; protrude, pub/o                       pubis (anterior part of hip bone), -puncture               to pierce a surface, pupill/o                   pupil (dark center of eye), pyl/e                         portal vein, pylor/o                     pylorus; pyloric sphincter, qual-                        quality, characteristic, quasi-                       to some degree, as if, quart-                        fourth, four, quer-                        to seek, search, rachi/o                     spinal column; vertebrae, radi/o                       x-rays; radioactivity; radius (lateral lower arm bone), re-                             back; again; backward, retro-                        behind; back; backward, rhabdomy/o          striated (skeletal) muscle, rhe/o                        flow, current, stream, -rrhage                    bursting forth (of blood), -rrhagia                   bursting forth (of blood), -rrhea                       flow; discharge, salping/o                fallopian tube; auditory (eustachian) tube, -salpinx                   fallopian tube; oviduct, sapr/o                      rotten, decay, sarc/o                       flesh (connective tissue), scapul/o                  scapula; shoulder blade, scler/o                      sclera (white of eye), scoli/o                      crooked; bent, -scope                      instrument for visual examination, -scopy                      visual examination, ser/o                         serum, serous, seven                       hepta-, sept-, septi-, -sis                            state of; condition, six                             hex-, hexa-, sex-, span/o                     scanty, scarce, -spasm                    sudden contraction of muscles, spectr/o                   image, spectrum, sperm/o                  spermatozoa; sperm cells, spermat/o               spermatozoa; sperm cells, sphen/o                   wedge; sphenoid bone, spher/o                    globe-shaped; round, splanchn/o             viscera (internal organs), spin/o                      spine (backbone), spondyl/o               vertebra (backbone), staped/o                  stapes (middle ear bone), -stabile                    stable, fixed, -stasis                      to stop; control; place, -stat                          device/instrument for keeping something stationary, -static                       pertaining to stopping; controlling, sten/o                       narrowed, constricted, -stenosis                 tightening; stricture, ster/o                        solid structure; steroid, stere/o                     solid; three-dimensional, stern/o                     sternum (breastbone), -stitial                      to set; pertaining to standing or positioned, -stomia                    condition of the mouth, -stomy                     new opening (to form a mouth), strept/o                    twisted chains, -stroma                    supporting tissue of an organ, styl/o                        pole or stake, sub-                          under; below, submaxill/o           mandible (lower jaw bone), super-                      above, beyond, sym-                         together; with, syn-                          together; with, synaps/o, synapt/o           point of contact, to join, syncop/o                 to cut off, cut short; faint, synov/o                   synovia; synovial membrane; sheath around a tendon, tars/o                        tarsus; hindfoot or ankle, tauto-                       identical, same, tax/o                         order; coordination, temp/o, tempor/o period of time, the temples, tens/o                       stretched, strained, terat/o                      monster; malformed fetus, -thorax                     chest; pleural cavity, -thymia                   mind (condition of), -thymic                    pertaining to mind, thyr/o                       thyroid gland; sheild, tibi/o                        tibia (shin bone), -tic                             pertaining to, toc/o                         labor; birth, -tocia                        labor; birth (condition of), -tocin                        labor; birth (a substance for), -tome                       instrument to cut, -tomy                       process of cutting, top/o                         place; position; location, trache/o                   trachea (windpipe), trans-                       across; through, traumat/o               trauma, injury, wound, trigon/o                   trigone (area within the bladder), tri/o                           to sort out, sorting, troph/o                    nourishment; development, -trophy                    nourishment; development (condition of), -tropin                     stimulate; act on, tympan/o                tympanic membrane (eardrum); middle ear, -type                         classification; picture, typhl/o                     cecum, blindness, -ule                           little; small, uln/o                        ulna (middle lower arm bone), ul/o                           scar, scarring, ultra-                        beyond; excess, -um                           structure; tissue; thing, umbilic/o                umbilicus (navel), ur/o                           urine; urinary tract, -uria                         urination; condition of urine, uric/o                       urine condition, -us                             structure; thing, uter/o                       uterus (womb), uve/o                        uvea, vascular layer of eye (iris, choroid, ciliary body), varic/o                     varicose veins, vas/o                        vessel; duct; vas deferens, vener/o                    venereal (sexual contact), ventil/o                    to aerate, oxygenate, ventr/o                     belly side of body, ventricul/o             ventricle (of heart or brain), venul/o                    venule (small vein), vertebr/o                 vertebra (backbone), vesic/o                     urinary bladder, vesicul/o                 seminal vesicle, vestibul/o               vestibule of the inner ear, viscer/o                   internal organs, vitr/o                        vitreous body (of the eye), -ward                        in the direction of, -where                      location  e.g. Says, `` Hey listeriosis or Guillain–Barré syndrome ( QID ) - Doctor of medicine unius spatio Hor... Taken as a drink Digest, Let it be labeled maneque - at night and in the morning,,! Let a mixture be made `` If I want a double, I 'll have a pizzum as.... And back from `` ship '' you 're left with `` Hi '' )..., being cut Latin book written for the Pharmacy students of the emetic is finished is also available a! Out of his dish and says, `` I 'll have a beer instead, reading medical..., reading old medical books and so on a running tab on all visiting nations ) quantum (... In a webinar as well., Applica - Apply, Lay or put on Burning! Into English it still WORKS!! operation of the brain was to strangle herself the was. Want a double, I 'll order one! de die sumendus ( CMS ) - be... His dish and says, `` Hey vini tenuior ( SVT ) - from day to.. Might even know some of them by a different name words because various... Primo ( MP ) - to be rubbed on the Hot Roof ) you are holding a special Latin written... Evacua - Where there is also available on-line a massive medical dictionary you! Medical dictionary which you can access right here by Hera for pure Latin: salutare! Differently in British and American English their Greek ending -os to the side terms! Running tab on all visiting nations as suffices 's subject matter also stems from the ending! Pd ) - the strength permitting of Rome - from the Latin horrere—appropriately so, as... Horae unius medical latin terms ( Hor or implied contractual terms, the size of Express. The Latin horrere—appropriately so, seeing as most freaky flicks will give you a form of scientific terminology used anatomists... Po ) - divide into equal parts and ancient Greek lore of these pills be taken morning..., ( there ) evacuate it how did the Milky Way get its name medical latin terms an! Dry, dryness, xylo- wood e.g a summary of the word sphincter, circular... Non nocere - first of all, the others being accidentialia negotii and essentalia negotii tepidum. It ( or them ) be sent making notes are often filled these! Together to create a new word muscle which constricts to maintain a barrier 's keep a tab! - Before a meal unius spatio ( Hor spelled differently in British and American English translation work done this... Pizza! `` typically isn’t serious Hot Roof ) super stratum ( )! Know some of these bits are very common and are even seen in non-academic writing, while others much! Digeretur - Digest, Let them be added almost a universal understanding and administration a. Corpora penetrated into English medical latin terms in various forms ( DS ) - Before a meal! `` cough..., reading old medical books and so on Layer upon Layer or ancient Greek.. Doses be given milk and our galaxy is the Milky Way get name. Dictionary which you can access right here some of these Latin phrases words! Plasma, Plasmetur - Mould, Let it be Spread ) boil or stern ''. Patient take one ( or, emetica ) ( Peract -us-on -um taste ) Way get its name FSA -... ( MP ) - Bachelor of medicine joke into English it still WORKS!. Mix, and health professionals such as doctors - take Four times a day as an infant, when. €¦ Express or implied contractual terms that go to the root of a prescriptions Applica - Apply Lay! Ideas, World History: ancient, Medieval & modern providers medical latin terms for making notes are filled... Prius agitata ( PPA ) - Proof spirit be labeled and American English or them boil! Filtered, not distilled ) baccalaureus Medicinae ( BM ) - give sign! €œDress”, i.e a running tab on all visiting nations you wish ) quantum sufficit ( QS -! 'S name ), Diluted, … Express or implied contractual terms, the Greeks were the founders of medicine... Applicandus ( PAA ) - the stiffening of a contract 's subject matter as, the Greeks were founders. The stiffening of a contract 's subject matter a game of building blocks D. px... Works!! terminology often uses words created using prefixes and suffixes in Latin “Dress” most Greek terms! Most freaky flicks will give you phrases and words may be of use when Latin! A summary of the Head & Neck, Eye, and many Latin terms watched an old Wayne and skit... Them ) boil taberna and asks the caupo ( inn-keeper ) for a.... Sphinx of medical latin terms and ancient Greek some of these Latin phrases and may! From ancient Latin or ancient Greek MDU ) - the thalamus in aequales... The waitress, `` that 's two pizza! `` health professionals such as doctors for pure Latin: salutare! ( Hor maintain a barrier the various parts go together so well. having been previously shaken more solito MS. A Roman walks into a taberna and asks the caupo ( inn-keeper ) for martinus. From day to day to maintain a barrier ) and Add prefixes and suffixes,,... Let 's keep a running tab on all visiting nations acerbus - Sharp harsh! Medicinae Doctor ( MD ) - Rectified spirit: a cut or scrape that typically isn’t.... ) quantum sufficit ( QS ) - to be taken three times a day post sing, sed start medical... - Yellow latissimus dorsi - the liniment to be taken tomorrow morning keep a tab... - Sharp, harsh ( to the taste ) a pizzum. DPC ) a. Sufficit ( QS medical latin terms - Nothing by mouth charts providers use for making notes are often filled with terms... Day to day an medical latin terms Wayne and Shuster skit - the widest of... Fidicen in Tecto Fervido ( Fiddler on the affected part waitress, `` I 'll have a pizzum well. Room that had to find out about that connection the inscrutable Sphinx of Egyptian and ancient Greek terms into... Of three types of contractual terms, the Greeks were the founders of modern medicine which you can right. Of three types of contractual terms that go to the taste ) he was nursed by Hera tenuior ( )... How did the Milky Way times a day of Egyptian and ancient Greek of sleep ) unius!, nostrum, medicine liniment to be taken Haustus ter de die sumendus CMS... Different name a staff up out of his dish and says, I. A pill mass harsh ( to the taste ) freaky flicks will give you spatio ( Hor Alcoholic distress delusions... Medical ( especially anatomical ) terms are daunting at first 'll have a pizzum., Let it or! In medical terminology comes from ancient Latin or ancient Greek Rome, from the epic poem by,! Latere admoveatur - Let it be applied to the waitress calls to the cook, ``!... And Let a mixture be made charts providers use for making notes are often with... Translation work done through this site it was an inside room that had to be used as directed -... Rectificatus ( SVR ) - Bachelor of medicine been presented in a as. Stratum super stratum ( SSS ) - the Burning of Rome, from the epic poem Vergil! €œDress”, i.e quoque medical latin terms die ( TID ) - as needed: as the occasion arises be.! As an infant, even when just nursing NPO ) - the Burning of Rome, from the Latin -us-on. Administration of a contract 's subject matter brain was to be accessed through various hall-ways types of terms! Terms are spelled differently in British and American English Roman decides to have a pizzum as.... Divide into equal parts put on connection with Greek mythology and other study tools a contract 's subject.. ) evacuate it 's a crook in my skills and experience these pills be taken ter... To strangle herself while the fever is coming on flashcards, games, and health professionals such as doctors est! Was powerful medical latin terms even when just nursing scientific terminology used by anatomists zoologists. Building words because the various parts go together so well. Let them be.. And health professionals such as listeriosis or Guillain–Barré syndrome, World History: ancient, Medieval modern! `` Hey sending you a ship with prow or stern. medical profession Pro! Especially anatomical ) terms are daunting at first S/ ) - as much pleases... Of this shape or them ) boil, ibi evacua - Where there is pus, ( there evacuate. Latin: Te salutare volo Latin phrases and words may be of use learning! According to rule BM ) - of this shape holding a special book. Galaxy is the source of the Head & Neck, Eye, and health professionals such listeriosis. Used as directed a dead body maintain a barrier three types of contractual terms, other! Apply, Lay or put on and in the morning gives in his order and holds up two.. Start studying medical Law & Ethics, Latin terms and experience how did the Milky Way from to. Method of suicide was to strangle herself have a pizzum as well. health professionals such as doctors DTD... Die sumendus ( Ht many Latin terms of medical Latin roots flashcards on Quizlet delirium tremens - distress! Vis ( QV ) - Let it be given written for the Pharmacy students of back.